LEED certification


LEED Gold Certification

In order to provide tenants with outstanding construction quality while minimizing their environmental footprint, the Tour Viger/Altoria project conformed to strict LEED certification requirements.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is North America’s most respected system for standardizing buildings of high environmental quality. Its evaluation criteria focuses on energy efficiency, water consumption efficiency, heating efficiency, the use of locally sourced materials and reuse of waste materials.

LEED Gold is the second highest level of LEED certification in terms of environmental requirements.

The characteristics

The factors enabling La Tour Viger to obtain LEED certification include:

  • Maximum sorting and recycling of materials from the demolition of existing buildings
  • Partial use of geothermal energy
  • Pre-heating of domestic hot water
  • Fresh air intake governed by CO2 detectors
  • Low-consumption valves and fittings, for reduced potable water consumption
  • Rainwater retention basine
  • Abundant natural light
  • Lighting adjusts to sunlight levels
  • Plentiful bicycle stands
  • Terminals for recharging hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Pale-coloured roofing, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Use of low-emission materials
  • Sustainable building envelope