Design and Architecture


A tower with a distinctive style

La Tour Aimia is a unified architectural complex, with 10 storeys of office space comprising an imposing rectangular pedestal, surmounted by a 25-storey residential tower and crowned by a mechanical penthouse.

While business and residential tenants will occupy the same building, their spaces will be completely segregated.

With its dramatic and contemporary profile, La Tour Aimia's concrete structure, clad in energy-efficient tinted glass, has a striking visual impact on the north side of Victoria Square.

The main entrance on Viger Street, at the corner of Beaver Hall Hill, opens onto a soaring glass gallery flanking the building along its north-south axis. This glazed corridor terminates at the second entrance, set at the corner of de La Gauchetière Street. The de La Gauchetière lobby — housing the office tower’s main reception area — showcases a powerfully evocative metal marquee.

All reception areas were designed and appointed to support the project’s luxury look and feel, with granite floors, generous glazing, wood paneling and polished metal fittings.

La Tour Aimia's integration of commercial and residential components is comparable to the Shaw Communications Building in Vancouver and Columbus Circle in New York.

Flexible and comfortable office space

Engineered to the highest technological standards, La Tour Aimia's office space optimizes energy efficiency and comfort throughout, regardless of tenant size. Generous windows and 10-foot ceilings offers abundant natural light, while each floor’s LEED Gold technical equipment is discreetly concealed at the central core.

Air conditioning

A sophisticated variable-flow air conditioning system ensures perfectly balanced ambient temperatures, from sunny windows along the building’s perimeter to interior areas closer to the tower’s core.

Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting meets the standards recommended by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America for this type of space. An electrical panel, accessible on every floor, displays six modular low-voltage interruption zones for greater tenant control.


The state-of-the-art vertical transportation system comprises four energy-efficient elevators. The system’s computerized controls actually adapts to each tenant’s usage patterns, thereby providing faster and more efficient service. A separate elevator is dedicated to the underground parking garage.

Loading dock

The loading dock on de La Gauchetière Street can accommodate 16-metre (53-foot) trucks, while an independent freight elevator serves the entire building.


To ensure tenants’ security and peace of mind, La Tour Aimia has a staffed security post, an access card system for the office space and parking area, and strategically located surveillance cameras. Access to the office space is secured outside normal business hours, with access to the loading dock also limited and secured.

Garden and terraces

Tenants occupying Level 1 will have exclusive access to an outdoor garden, while Level 8 tenants will enjoy access to their own private terrace. A common terrace for all tenants will also be available on Level 8.

Premium construction

In accordance with LEED certification standards, all materials used in the construction of La Tour Aimia conform to the highest quality standards, starting with the high-performance glass building envelope that optimizes tenant comfort and energy savings.

The strategic use of premium finishes, such as granite, wood and metal, underpin the project’s high calibre and refinement.